The Story

Hi my name is Zhanna. I moved to USA in 2009. I could never imagine that God would lead me to where I am now. I saw miracles before but the year of 2020 was something special. The most challenging but is the most amazing year of my life. 


In 2020 I had an encounter with God. I fall in love with Jesus and realized that God is not somewhere far away, Holy Spirit is here with me, guiding, leading, caring and loving so much. I don’t have to look for Him, don’t have to beg about anything. He is my loving Father, faithful Friend and He is my ETERNITY.


This mysterious word ‘eternity’.  We are a spiritual human beings. Our life is short but eternity is forever. It’s within us. I realized this more clear when I met Jesus.


Since that encounter my life became an amazing adventure with God. I found love, peace, and confidence in Him. I experienced freedom living with no guilt and condemnation. I became whole. Holy Spirit started to show me my gifts and talents. I realized that all my life I had a passion for a fashion design but never dared to dream big about it.


It is the right time now to dream, to grow and to fly high with the One who loves my soul.


I started this business to support my family (me and my husband are raising 4 sons, 7, 6, 3 and 1 year old) and the most important for me is to tell everyone about my Jesus, what He has done for me. I do this for His glory.